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On your side and by your side.

If you’re involved in a family law dispute, you may think your only option is to take it to court.

Hayley Cunningham, Legal Practitioner Director

Hayley Cunningham, Legal Practitioner Director

But here at Family Law Group Solicitors, we know that court can be a very taxing experience, both financially and emotionally. So we take the time to explore other options first, such as direct negotiations, mediation and other collaborative processes.

And if it does get taken to court, we’ll still be there for you.

Through our range of family law services, we’ll do what we can do reach an agreement that works best for your needs and your circumstances.

So get in touch with us today to arrange an initial consultation at our Morayfield office.

What I like about Family Law Group is the personalised service you get – that’s not always the case at other places.